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Services provided by Colorado Construction and Renovation

At Colorado Construction and Renovation, we believe in completing projects on time while maintaining highest levels of quality and service at competitive prices. We understand the value, emotions and dreams attached to a new place–be it a home or an office.

We have been making construction and renovation simpler for people in Durango for the past 35 years. When we take up a project, we make an unwavering commitment to service and to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We adapted this style of working to make sure that your dreams don’t just remain dreams, they are realized by making the perfect blend of your ideas and our expertise.

We offer a range of services that aid in building a new place as well as improving the current surroundings.

Cottage Home

Cottage and Home Building

Whether it be smaller cottages or larger homes, we can assist you. We understand the differences that go into building cottages versus large homes. No matter large or small, contact Colorado Construction and Renovation if you’re in need of building services!

Custom Kitchen Work


We don’t stop at bathrooms–we are also experienced in working on kitchens. Different work goes into dealing with kitchens, but our experienced staff is trained to work in all types of rooms.

Custom Stonework

We provide custom stonework for your kitchen. We encourage you to take advantage of this–there’s nothing more attractive than a perfectly done stonework installation.

Custom Cabinetry

Add to the exquisiteness of your kitchen by hiring us to do custom cabinetry. You won’t be disappointed with our work, as we have done this for many customers in the past. Don’t be shy–reach out to us!

Structural Engineering

Before the building or renovations, we have to plan out the work we will do. We have highly-qualified engineers who know how to map out the design to ensure that we will be giving you the best-functioning structures.

Lifting Roof Installment


In addition to working in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, we also do repairs or installation of roofs. There’s no use in having a beautiful interior if your roof is falling apart so contact us today!

General Siding Repair

General Repairs

We can do any of the general repairs that you need, from fixing leakage, cracks, locks, and much more. To inquire about specific repairs, please contact us and ask about what we can do for you.

Custom Masonry

Specifically, we can do custom masonry for your buildings. This type of building causes the structure to be sturdier. If that appeals to you, you should reach out to us.

Foundation and Wet Basement Repairs

No one likes dealing with a wet basement! Many people let their basement go unattended because the basement is the “least attractive” portion of the house. Don’t underestimate the importance of a functional basement! Let us take a look and see what we can do for you.

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